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About SERP Trends

SEO Extension SERPTrends for Firefox shows whether the website moved up, down in the SERP, just appeared (is "new") or hasn't changed its position. It also shows how many positions the website lost or raised compared to search you performed the previous day.

When you search Google, Yahoo! or Bing with SERPTrends turned on for the first time all positions are marked as new. The next day you will see dynamics for previously performed searches. This addon is useful for SEO & SEM specialists.

How to use

After installation SERPTrends SEO Extension for Firefox is enabled by default and you will see colorized icon (red and green triangles) in the status bar of your Firefox. Perform Google search to see position numbers and dynamics icons near each result in the SERP. For the first time all the positions for certain query is marked as new but the next day dynamics appears. Though addon was created primarily for SEO specialists, any other user can find it useful, since it adds numbers search results and shows which site moved up and is considered more relevant by search engine.

About us

We are a small group of SEO and SEM experts working in different areas of Internet Marketing; we have teamed up to develop web analytics services. After providing SEO and internet marketing services for over then 5 years we plan to start working in an area of web analytics to share our knowledge and experience.

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