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Here, you will read all that you can expect when you use the service of SERPTrends. The things in this contract are non negotiable and will be followed through to the very end. Read this so that you are fully aware of our responsibilities to you and the rights you have as a customer. We offer services on the basis of "as is" and "as available". That's why: the things that you see are exactly what you get. There are no warranties that imply otherwise. Everything is laid out straight on this matter that what you get is exactly how you get it.

The next thing to understand is that by law, the things you upload can be used an indefinite number of times. The things you give such as your name or your address will not be leaked out. The only time that SERPTrends can give such information is when the law comes into play.

Moreover, you can only use the website's info only for personal reasons to either print or so forth. It is strictly prohibited to use the website info for commercial purposes. When you upload these things, SERPTrends then copyrights them. Any person using them not for your reasons can be held legally responsible. We as a company stay out of such things and with being in agreement with what is said here as to the terms you agree to, you agree not to ask us to pay any legal fees or get into any such legal matters.

Here you will find that you are to be aware of the things that you upload to the site. There are no things that might offend someone or be of illegal nature on this site. So, please, do not put them here. If you do, you will find that there might be legal action taken or your account suspended.

Things can occur with the server. We recommend that you have a copy so that if such a thing happens, you have a way to access the things you need. Doing anything to alter the website, its text and the servers is illegal. It is also against the copyrights so avoid this.

Similarly, you are also not allowed to take such actions that can reduce reliability of our feedback system.

We cannot guarantee services like space, reliability, speed, constancy and bandwidth so do not say that we promised such and such as it is written in the very first paragraph that these things are bought with what space is there and how it comes.

We are not responsible to examine or backup creation of your data. You have to manage these all things and another thing is you will use our services at your own risk. We offer "as is" services and do not offer any guarantee for our offered services. In addition, we have the rights to append the sponsored links.

Last of all, we and our partners are not to be held responsible if things with your data go wrong like data corruption, delays, interruption or failure in delivery of services and so on. Things might be slow to be delivered and that could be expected. Also, when we add a tag and if that tag is not correct, there is nothing that we can do. Moreover, we can choose the resources or its links to add provided by its affiliates and partners. We do not offer any sort of guarantee for the dependability of this info because it’s just a source to provide worth to our website.

All of the above are our due diligence to make you aware of. We have every right in making changes to this contract. We look forward to having you use our service and by finishing this last step you will be registering with using our site.

We may provide links to other resources or Internet sites. We cannot guarantee the availability of these resources or websites because we do not maintain control over them. SERPTrends also cannot be held liable for any materials, advertising or content available on such resources or websites.

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